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Correx is the lightest and the cheapest rigid sign material, but it is still weatherproof and suitable for temporary outdoor use. Correx signs are also known as corrugated plastic signs, fluted plastic signs and corrugated polypropylene signs.

Correx is a popular material for signage because it's cost-effective and extremely lightweight with a very good strength to weight ratio.


Key Features: 

  • Value bundles - economical temporary signage
  • 4mm thick light and strong corrugated polypropylene
  • Weatherproof - use indoors or outdoors
  • Direct to panel print - won't peel or fade
  • High resolution printing for crisp text
  • Anti glare matt finish for a more professional look
  • Highly experienced in-house design team available
  • Versatile fixing methods - nail, screw, tape, cable tie

Correx Board

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